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Team Building Activities

Team building is important when people need to work together. They should have some fun and there need to be some things done to break the ice. These are some team building activities that will help bring people closer together and they may even have a little fun.

Scavenger Hunts
Small groups of people that work together can be given specific items they need to find on the scavenger hunt. They will need to use clues to find these items and they will need to work together.

Escape Room
This idea uses the escape room to help teamwork together. In the escape room, the team will be locked into a room and they will be given specific clues and tasks to compete to get out. There will be a time limit to complete these tasks. The team will be motivated to work with each other to see if they can beat the clock to escape the room.

Online Challenge Games
Some online games are fun where people will need to work together to answer questions and find out more about each other. Quizbreaker is one of these sites. The online games can be played even if the employees are not in the same building. They can be played from home if the employees are working from home. There are some basic questions where they can find out information such as their favorite TV show or their favorite food. There are some quizzes where questions are asked and answers are given. The team needs to guess which one of their team members answer the question. This is a simple game but a lot of fun.
These are some team building activities that will help the team members break the ice and learn how to work together. They will be able to see the skills that the other people have and feel like they are more connected.