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Team Building

When some people hear about team building activities they may get a feeling of dread for a silly game to play or another ice breaker. There are some fun team building activities that people will enjoy participating in. Some of these team building ideas are fun and creative.

Go Kart
Having a go-kart event for a team-building activity will help build up some friendly competition among the members. The team will be in a relaxed setting and will be able to loosen up. This will help the team get to know each other outside of the work environment.

Board Games
The classic board games are great for team building. The team will need to interact with each other and take turns. The games are fun and the players will get to show off some of their tips for strategizing. Classic board games will allow people to come together and relax while getting to know their team.

Type Fight
There is no physical fight as part of these activities but the team members will be engaged in a competition. This game is a typography design contest where two coworkers will go off drawing the same letter as fancy or creative as they want. The rest of the team will vote on the one that they like the best.

Nerf Battle
The coworkers will be divided into two teams. The teams will be given nerf guns and they will need to work together to bring down the other team without getting hit. They will need to develop a plan for the attack while protecting their members. This will allow for some active competition and make the office a fun place even for a short time.
These are some great activities for team building. These activities will allow people to get to know each other and will help develop a fun environment for working.